CCTV Security, Smart Classes, Generator Facility, AC Rooms, Computer Rooms, Library, Yoga, Music, Games Powered by GNC © LDS School 2017 The aim of the institution is to impart sound education and character formation to the  young so as to enable them to find their proper place in the society and equip  them to be of service “To god and his People”. Every effort will be made to give the students a  sound and all round education in keeping with the nation’s aspirations and to make  them morally, physically, emotionally and spiritually fit, active usefull and worthy  citizens of our dear motherland. Intellectual Formation is given with the help of a course of studies suited to the mental  development of the students. The choice of the course of studies is governed by the  consideration that it serves as a so;od foundation for higher education.  Social and human formation is imparted by making students realize that they are  members of the society and as such, called upon to care for, respect, and love one  another as brother and sisters, Spirit of service, dedication to duty and sense of  belonging are values inculcated in the students with a vies to train them to be  responsible citizens. Physical education is provided with the help of various disciplines of sports and  games, Performance of each and every students is given due recognition and a spirit  of co-operation and sportsmanship is everywhere insisted upon and always upheld.