CCTV Security, Smart Classes, Generator Facility, AC Rooms, Computer Rooms, Library, Yoga, Music, Games Powered by GNC © LDS School 2017 To assess the progress of each student in various subjects and to facilitate an intense study of all the subjects, 1. 2. the school year will be divided into three terms Student’s performance will be evaluated by means of regular assessment tests, both oral and written. 1. A pupil will be eligible to appear in the final examinations only if he/she has a minimum of 75% attendance and if he/she has remitted the school fees of the entire year. 2. Students are required to appear in all the examinations. At the end of each academic year, the sum of the marks obtained in various examinations will be computer and the overall percentage and grades will be calculated provided that he students have appeared in all the exams/tests during the year. 3. Those who fail to sit in the examination in any subject shall be marked absent in that subject and shall not be awarded any position. In case of grave illness a medical certificate to that effect shall be produced. No re- examination will be allowed. Break-up of marks will be 20 marks for assessment tests, 80 marks for term exams. 4. Criteria for promotion will be 40% of marks in individual subjects computed on the basis of the marks/grades obtained in all the  examinations, assessments tests and the whole year’s work of the pupil. Hence regularly in attendance and work is required of every student. Promotion of students who remained absent during examinations will be considered on the basis of their performance in the class during the year. Students who fail in English will not be considered for promotion to a higher class. The decision of the school authorities with regard promotion is final. 5. Students who fail for two consecutive years in the same class shall not be permitted to continue his/her studies in the school. 6. Results declared at the end of the academic year is final and no request for re-examination will be entertained not shall the answer papers shown either to the students or to their parents. 7. Reports on general progress and results of the assessment tests and term examinations are communicated to the parents by means of the progress report. Parents/Guardians are requested to examine the progress report of their wards and return the same duly signed to the class teacher at the time of PTA meeting. Signature found in the progress report shall be identical with the specimen signature found in the diary/admission form/information sheet ofthe candidate. 8. Parents/Guardians shall not make any remarks on the progress report not tamper with the entries made therein. If remarks are made by the parents of the entries tampered with, such cards will be considered damaged and will be required to be replaced paying a fine and the cost of the card. 9. Anyone indulging in malpractices/cheating during the examinations is liable to be debarred from sitiing in subsequent examinations