CCTV Security, Smart Classes, Generator Facility, AC Rooms, Computer Rooms, Library, Yoga, Music, Games Powered by GNC © LDS School 2017 This institution is committed to promote acedemic excellence  and personal, social  and physical development of every child, so that the children have positive self image,  respect for others, communicates effectively, thinks critically and appreciates cultural  diversity. We are committed to bring out the personality, make them outstanding  citizens of the nation and inculcate the feeling fir” Being the Best At Lakshmi Devi Sahni’s School every student is provided oppertunity to face  challenge and overcome with them with ease, through regular class assemblies and  inter class activities. Children gain a lot of exposure and experience and improve their  mettle. The school aims to develop intellectual students with great and intenes  determination and passin to do extremely well the essential pre-regulated requisites to meet the challenges of the contemporary society. Our Bright and happy kids speak volumes in term of our endeavour. We provide education thatfosters creative thinking and innovative skills. Excellence is the aim and we wish to realize it in our students. Our motto of ‘Survive for the Best’ encompasses our core values and our promise to lead yourchild every step of the way supporting us in this irsion is our handpicked faculty who are nor only qualified but also oriented into be child centric way of teaching. Our teachers are in fact parners in your child’s progress and the ideal mentor, friend and guide who journey through the crucial years in your child’s life. We view the parents as and entegral part of the child’s jurney, encouraging feedback and apprising them of their child’s  progress from the time