CCTV Security, Smart Classes, Generator Facility, AC Rooms, Computer Rooms, Library, Yoga, Music, Games Powered by GNC © LDS School 2017 As a tribute to my mother, whose inspiration and confidence made me reach the  pinnacle of sucess, I decided to open a school in my city with the purpose of   providing affordable international level of education to the children with tradition  maintained coupled with modern trends. Here We strive to develop a sense of  graduation coupled with modern education , essential for maintaining harmony and  excellence in character. Education is a life long process which is to be matured with love and care. It must be  built on a firm and board foundation for students to xcel in life. Our aim is to prepare  our students with the intellectualy stimulated learning which drives concewpt learning  and practical approach which are necessary to need the challanges in both  academics and life skills. We encourage age our students te believe in themselves  and their strengths. The policy of the school is our strengthen the child with  unnecessary skills to face the future. Total personality Development is the tool which  the child gains from school. This means, he she is equipped with the confidence, cobative awareness, moral  values, social concern skills ingormatics and acedemics to lead in life as a complete  human being and a responsible citizens of the country in the decades to come.